"Hey Love"

by James Klynn

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This is a love story about a boy and Hip Hop


released July 13, 2011

Written By James Klynn, Kaya, Maleiva
Produced By Mahewa Wazuri, Cold Legistics, Kaya
Mixed, Mastered and Recorded at Freedom Hall
Artwork By Daniela Larez
Special Thanks to Jeremy(Smooth)Evans and Shanna Moss

Review by John Book
James Klynn has released a 4-song that may seem too short for some, but I think it’s perfect, especially as of late as I’ve been coming across some quality hip-hop EP’s. If this is the season of the EP, then may Hey Love be one that is worthy of celebration.

The four tracks here are based on Klynn looking and wanting love, or basically wanting something deeper than what he knows and what may be seen on the surface. If one is to use metaphors, it can apply to more than just a love between two people, but his lyrics here are direct without a need to say what is not intended. He reminds me a bit of MC’s like Thig Natural and Trek Life, storytellers who write what they see and know, and want out of life. My favorite song on this is the laid back “Why Don’t We”, with a well known drum break that is slowed down to where you know the source, but you love that it sounds like this in the context of this song, “appropriate sample use” if you will.

At the end of the EP, you hear the words “to be continued” so does this mean there will be more EP’s created in the same vein? Or will there be other EP’s with different topics, and the continuation has to do with his creating music? What Klynn does is trim the fat with his tracks and just offers it up, no questions asked, and makes a point for each song to hit its intended mental and emotional targets. Yes, I say emotional because these are songs with emotion, showing a bit of growth and continued maturity from previous projects. At the end of the last song, as the volume fades, I thought “no… is that it?” I thought this because I was hooked to the vibe he was creating, and I want to hear more. In another way, maybe it’s not about trimming the fat but merely listening to music with proper fat distribution. Or is that phat distribution? To be continued, hopefully very soon." - John Book for ThisIsBooksMusic.com



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