The Avatar

by James Klynn & Family

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"I was sitting on the couch eating pizza in Freedom Hall with Shanna Moss and Jeremy (Smooth) Evans and we were watching 'The Last Airbender' which is based off of the Nickelodeon cartoon series 'Avatar'. I grew up loving that cartoon but being young I didn't fully understand the message and information it had to offer. I decided that night that I would do a whole project based off of that film so I studied the movie as well as the cartoon series. The story is simple, a boy is told that the fate of the world rests on his shoulders.. What would you do and how would you feel at 12 years old knowing that you're the only person that can stop evil? Well, we all have that power! I believe thats the reason movies like 'The Last Airbender', 'The Matrix', 'The Fifth Element'(I can go on for days) were made, to talk to our spirits and try to make them understand that you and only you can stop evil. It's not up to anybody else it's all on your shoulders. Now, what are you going to do?" - James Klynn


released September 9, 2012

Writing by James Klynn, Spudd Brown, Passion Ward, Jessica Stackpoole & Maleiva Kem
Production by DJ Cold Legistics, Spudd Brown & Bloodbeats
Mixed, Mastered & Recorded at Freedom Hall
Artwork by Juan Diaz, Jeremy Evans & Dana Foht

I want to Thank everybody that helped me out with this project! My Freedom Hall Family Spudd Brown, Jessica Stackpoole, Maleiva Kem, Passion Ward, Jeremy(Smooth) Evans. As well as my extended Family Juan Diaz & Dana Foht. I also want to give a huge shout out to Cold Legistics & DJ Bloodbeats for the inspiration. I wouldn't have been able to get in my zone and create without the help and support from these people, Thank You all Beloved

Review by John Book
"If you are a fan of the Nickelodeon cartoon series Avatar or the film that was based on it, The Last Airbender, you’ll know that the storyline is child-friendly but goes beyond child’s play. It’s about a young child with incredible wisdom to move things with the power that he has, but those who feel they know about that power want to control him so they can control it. They want someone else’s power instead of their own. Within the storyline is the realization that the kid may have an old soul, and where does that old soul come from? That has always been the subject of cultural significance, if something that defines a people can truly be passed on from generation to generation and if so, is it always in us? If not part of our DNA, how do we learn it, how much to we learn when we know it has to be learned, and do we shape it to benefit us or is it more about bringing everyone from the past towards whatever the future has in store? I know this because my nephew was a huge fan of the cartoon series, and with it being true to a number of Asian philosophies and cultural beliefs through metaphors, I loved what it said and wanted to teach to its viewers.

That concept has been put into music with James Klynn and his musical family, and together as Freedom Hall, they have showed the power of good, friendship and unity and how that fight for it is perhaps the one thing that unifies us across the world. Some don’t see it that way, but the fight is to show why that thought process is worthy of that fight. That is what makes up the 5-song album known asThe Avatar, a set of music that shows hints of the future with flashes of the past, in order to provide guidance on what we need to do today. Balancing hip-hop and soul in a manner that is respectable to both, it’s songs that help to define and redefine Freedom Hall’s mission, which in turn questions why not many are doing the same thing. It moves you to think of the music and your own stance on life, where you are, and maybe where you should be. Music is best when it makes an investment in the mind, and when the mind invests in the music. The Avatar sinks in because it knows it belongs there, bringing out what may be in your consciousness, or what your consciousness has already been longing for" - John Book for



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