Scraps: Meet & Part Company

by Maleiva Kem

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During her recent stay in USA, Maleiva recorded her first EP « Scraps : Meet And Part Company », a 4-tracks album; recorded at the Freedom Hall (Florida) and produced by Spudd Brown and Mahewa Wazuri in a chill atmosphere.

A relationship, it’s an interlacing of moments, situations, laughter, fights, sensations… Scraps : Meet And Part Company, it is the pieces of a story that could have been , that once was, that will be, or never will.

"I enjoyed making this project; I hope you’ll enjoy listening to it!" - Maleiva Kem

J’ai profité de mon séjour récent aux Etats-Unis pour enregistrer mon premier EP « Scraps : Meet And Part Company ». Un mini album de 4 tracks, enregistré au Freedom Hall (Florida) et produit par Spudd Brown et Mahewa Wazuri le tout dans une atmosphère relax.
Scraps : Meet and Part Company ce sont les bribes d’une histoire qui aurait pu être, qui fut, qui sera, ou ne sera jamais.

J’ai pris plaisir à faire ce projet, j’espère que vous en aurez à l’écouter !


released September 5, 2011

Written By Maleiva Kem
Produced By Spudd Brown & Mahewa Wazuri
Recorded, Mixed and Mastered at Freedom Hall



all rights reserved


Freedom Hall Naples, Florida

Freedom Hall is a platform for like minded individuals to release and share fresh ideas with the world. A collective united under a love of collaboration and expression through the arts.

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Track Name: Intro
You walk peacefully in the street
Sun shinning, trees blossoming
And here you are
Walking in the street
Can I know your name
And who you are

You seem to be the kind of person
I'd like to spend this day with
A day like that is not to waste
So please
Can I know your name
And who you are
Track Name: I Feel You
I slide under the sheets
Watch you while you're asleep
I feel so blessed to be yours
There's nowhere else I'd rather be
You're sleeping but you feel that I'm here
So you extend
Your arms so I can
Coil up on your chest

No nights
Are better
Than those with, than those with you
No kisses are sweeter
Than those from you, than those from you

I feel you
I vibe you
I love you
There's nothing we can't go through
I feel you
I vibe you
I love you
Let me show you

You wake up before me
Caress my face so gently
Tell me you love me

When you're not here
I sleep on your side of the bed
More addicted
To your smell than to drugs for a crack-head

I feel you
I vibe you
I love you
There's nothing we can't go through
I feel you
I vibe you
I love you
Let me show you

You make me travel in a dimension
Where all my senses are awaken
Aware of every little feelings
You give me a sensation no one else can bring
Touch, smell, sight, taste and hear
Are a small part of it
Third Eye wide open
You introduce me to a new Galaxy
Where hidden Truths and Pyramids secrets are revealed
Where you slowly undressed
The veil of insecurity I'm attire in
Your wisdom would make Salomon agree
And Makeda fall for you
Just like I did

I feel you
I vibe you
I love you
I love you
Track Name: Would You Let Me
I woke up this morning had this feeling again
My chest is empty I'm in pain but hey
What can I do to make my day
Maybe dress up and go out
To see the World

I wanna feel good
I wanna feel pretty
This dress would be good
With these heels
I'm ready

Tadadada tadada

Step after step
I'm dragging this shadow
It slowing me down
It's like a cloud above my head
The Sun shines but not my way
And I run from it
It runs with me

Would you let me
Would you let me go

How could you hurt me so deep
From so far away
What kind of powers do you have on me
My heart is not broken but it's missing
Please give it to
Please come give it to me

I wanna feel good
I wanna feel happy
This girl would be good
With this guy
Come baby
Track Name: The End
The jokes on you

You thought you were invincible
You're not invicible

They're back and now you're sad
Cause you thought that you were special
Now you're finding out
That you're an animal
And your life didn't have a chance

Flames burning
People are crying
You reap what you sow
Flames burning
People are crying
You reap what you sow