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"This project was inspired by the movie "V for Vendetta" in the summer of 2011, like "The Avatar" I wanted to capture what I felt were the important scenes in the movie with a song. I play V in this audio film while Passion Ward & Maleiva Kem both take turns playing EV. This is a love story about a Revolutionary on a mission to burn down what he knows is a wicked system. While on his journey he meets a beautiful woman by the name of EV who turns out to be a little closed minded about the current state of the world but at the right time she opens her eyes to see the world for what it really is. Soulful beats mixed with heartfelt words about revolution will insure that you'll always remember, remember the 5th of November. Peace!

I want to Thank everybody that helped me out with this project! My Freedom Hall Family Spudd Brown, Maleiva Kem, Passion Ward, Jeremy(Smooth) Evans. I also want to give a huge shout out to Cold Legistics, Evil Needle, Elaquent, Duke Hugh, Oddisee, & The Stuyvesants for the inspiration. I wouldn't have been able to get in my zone and create without the inspiration from these people, Thank You all Beloved" - James Klynn

Review by Dana Foht
"You have to fuck with this. a perfect concept album.
Natural and great collaborations are like great conversations. All individuals getting legitimate space and time to be free and be both heard and appreciated. The sum becomes greater than the parts. This holds true from start to finish with this album.

this concept album is so dense, goes so hard in, and also remains so smooth and innovative and true to individuality. James Klynn with Freedom Hall has created a complete album. Uniques styles are always noticeable but hard to define.
Always crisp and clean but with a soulful ride, one thats unique and will bounce you with a jazz spontaneity and creativity.
and as always the writing is phenomenal. James' words are on the level rivaling the righteousness of V's monologues. Epic storytelling and lyrical flow.
You will always feel smarter and more upbeat from paying attention to Freedom Hall lyrics.

I can go on for a while praising the film V for Vendetta. Personally I find it especially relevant and inspiring. A great art piece that happens to also have a big comic book action budget. after driving around town with two back to back listens, straight through, I can now go on for a while praising this music.

james and family has done the film solid justice. But way more than that. Freedom Hall has perfectly shaped and molded their inspiration from the film and created something new and original and captivating.
Klynn and family are great collaborators. When you can remain very open minded in many regards; artistically culturally spiritually and combine that with a work ethic that is fueled by the greatest force, a passion for your craft, watch out. And pay attention." - Dana Foht for Eject


released November 5, 2012

Written by James Klynn, Spudd Brown, Passion Ward & Maleiva Kem
Produced by(Beats By) Spudd Brown, Evil Needle, Elaquent, Duke Hugh, Oddisee, The Stuyvesants, Cold Legistics & James Klynn
Artwork by Jeremy "Smooth" Evans
Mixed, Mastered & Recorded at Freedom Hall




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Freedom Hall Naples, Florida

Freedom Hall is a platform for like minded individuals to release and share fresh ideas with the world. A collective united under a love of collaboration and expression through the arts.

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